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    Results 1 - 24 of about 40

    JBL LS326W Main / Stereo Speakers

    The LS326W a 2-way in-wall speaker for use in a wide variety of applications, from stereo and whole-house music systems to complete home theaters.  More Info
    (1 store)

    JBL Sound Point SP8CII Main / Stereo Speakers

    The JBL SP8CII is a 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker that gives you excellent quality sound saving much of your room's space. The 1-inch titanium laminate tweeter in this JBL speaker and subwoofer provide ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    JBL L226C In-Wall / Ceiling Speaker

    The JBL L226C is a two-way stereo speaker for use in a variety of applications from stereo music systems to complete home theaters. The JBL stereo speaker features an aluminum woofer and titanium-lami ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    JBL L226W Main / Stereo Speakers

    The JBL L226W speakers are part of a two-way speaker system that is designed to deliver an ultra-clear stereo sound experience. Incorporating a 1-inch pure titanium-laminate tweeter, these JBL speaker ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    JBL L228C Main / Stereo Speakers

    These JBL speakers are two-way ceiling speakers that are designed to be compatible with a variety of applications. The construction components of the JBL L228C speakers include an aluminum woofer and ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    JBL LS326C Main / Stereo Speakers

    The JBL LS326C is a versatile 2-way in-ceiling speaker that is perfect for stereo and whole-house music systems as well as a complete home theater system. This JBL Stereo Speaker features a 1 inch twe ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Pyle PHST94IP Speaker System

    The PHST94IPBK home theater tower brings a beautiful, powerful sound system, iPod/iPhone/iPad player and charger to any room of your home. The 600 watt system booms with power, thanks to dual 1 tweete ...  More Info
    $197.99 - $289.96
    (2 stores)

    Pyle PHST96IP Speaker System

    These Pyle speakers are responsive and dependable, and they are created for people who want unparalleled theatrical sound. The Pyle PHST96IPCW are an outstanding choice for any sized room. If you wa ...  More Info
    $210.99 - $269.96
    (5 stores)

    Klipsch SW-310 Powered Subwoofer

    The Klipsch SW-310 is a passive-radiator subwoofer that is designed to deliver rich and powerful bass. To keep the high-powered bass reliable this Klipsch subwoofer features a BASH digital hybrid ampl ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Bose 301 Main / Stereo

    The Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker system produces theater-like sound at home. The Direct/Reflecting speaker technology of this Bose speaker system enhances the sound to deliver realistic sound qu ...  More Info
    $328 - $347.99
    (5 stores)

    Bose FreeSpace 51 Outdoor Speakers

    With a radial design, the Bose Free Space 51 gives you 360-degree sound diffusion and proves to be the perfect sound system for outdoors. The 4.5-inch driver of this Bose stereo speaker delivers a dee ...  More Info
    (2 reviews)
    $449 - $449.95
    (2 stores)

    Polk TL1600 Speaker System

    The Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 is a 5.1 channel speaker system that lets you enjoy songs and videos with a virtual surround effect hitherto unheard of. This Polk Audio speaker system employs the Tim ...  More Info
    $119.95 - $297.99
    (2 stores)

    LG NB2520A Sound Bar

    This LG speakers is ready to deliver, high-quality, and built for people who want movie theater sound. Reality TV nuts, musical theater devotees, and talk show followers can take pride in the sound q ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Pinnacle SubSonic Powered Subwoofer

    This Pinnacle subwoofer is deep, efficient, and made for movie lovers who want an enhanced viewing experience at home. This powered subwoofer is a superb pick when you need music and movies at home. ...  More Info
    (1 reviews)
    (1 store)

    Polk LCi-RTS105 Main / Stereo Speakers

    The Polk Audio LCi-RTS105 is a high performance speaker that gives you perfect sound every time. The Stud-Lock mounting system of this Polk Audio stereo speaker produces a rigid platform for vibration ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    MartinLogan Fresco i Center Speaker

    Designed with ATF driver technology, the MartinLogan Fresco i deliver detailed sound with extreme clarity in a compact form. The twin aluminum-cone woofers in this MartinLogan speaker system provides ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Sunfire Solitaire 12 Powered Subwoofer

    This Sunfire subwoofer is made for people who want concert hall sound. It's also dependable and powerful. Bringing you high signal-to-noise, high-fidelity, and impressive specs, the Sunfire Solitair ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Klipsch RF-52 II Floor Standing Speakers

    The Klipsch RF-52 II floorstanding speaker, with its room-filling sound, is the right choice for your home entertainment. Designed with the patented Tractrix Horn technology, this Klipsch stereo speak ...  More Info
    $374 - $3812
    (7 stores)

    BIC RtR-EV1200 Powered Subwoofer

    Effective and responsive, this BIC subwoofer is a solid platform for increasing your movie pleasure at home. Families, music connoisseurs, and action movie buffs alike admire the volume and power of ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Jamo IW 860 SW Passive Subwoofer

    Efficient and powerful, this Jamo subwoofer is a capable platform for increasing your movie pleasure at home. If you like low distortion, reliability, and high-fidelity, the Jamo IW 860 SW has much t ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Jamo IW 1060 SW Passive Subwoofer

    Designed for movie lovers who want an enhanced viewing experience at home, this Jamo subwoofer is dependable and rich. This passive subwoofer is a super option whether listening to music or watching ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Energy Speakers ESW-C10 Powered Subwoofer

    The Energy Speakers ESW-C10 is a 400-watt subwoofer that is designed to boost your bass to a chest-thumping intensity. The injection molded cone of this Energy Speakers subwoofer reproduces deep and r ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Atlantic Technology AW424 Main / Stereo Speakers

    Shop for Electrical at The Home Depot. Utilizing tough, environmentally-resistant materials and state-of-the-art acoustic design, the AW-424 lets you take Atlantic's famous sound outdoors. The advance ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Paradigm CS-60R-SM Main / Stereo Speakers

    The Paradigm CS-60R speaker has a frequency response of 70 Hz - 20 kHz that give a decent sound quality. This Paradigm 50 watts speaker has a peak power handling of 50 watt that gives you an amazing s ...  More Info
    (1 store)